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Favorita continues developing its key business lines both domestically and internationally through its subsidiaries with the production, industrialization and marketing of products and services with the highest standards of quality and corporate socio-environmental responsibility.

We market bananas, as well as dairy products, forestry products, African palm crops, fertilizers, agricultural supplies and plastic packages; additionally we provide aircrop fumigation as well as maritime port services.

One of Favorita founding partners was the Commonwealth Development Corporation, which transferred back its 10% share of corporate capital in August of 2004 pursuant to a stock repurchase agreement. Among our significant financing partners we include leading multilateral institutions such as the Corporación Andina de Fomento (CAF) and the International Finance Corporation which was also one of our shareholders until 2014.

Favorita’s financial progress is evidenced in the continuous annual increase in its equity, sales, and assets, thus demonstrating its sustainable business practices in all facets of its operations.